Sunday, September 6, 2009

traffic : why you shouldn't use traffic exchange :

What is traffic exchange ?
Traffic exchange is simple, “ you see my site, I see yours”, so far that sounds like a great idea right? Wrong!
Traffic exchange websites can cause harm to your website rather than good results.
Now here are 5 reasons why you should not use traffic exchange to promote your blog/website :
1-it’s not targeted traffic, most likely people are not interested in your website/ blog because they’re not looking for it, their only concern is to get credits as fast as they can to put their own links.
2-every 30 seconds, people are doing something else, and skip to the next site when the half minute is done.( that’s if the site is manual system, if it’s automatic, they’re sleeping or watching tv!)
3- if you’re using google adsense on your blog/website, you will get banned because it’s against adsense’ TOS  . ( illegeal impressions)
4- low quality traffic and high   bounce rate
5-97 percent of people who put their links in traffic exchange are  only promoting their ptc (paid to click sites) and  money making companies, and the last 3 percent of people are promoting other  exchange websites to earn more credits from there, and promote their money making website!.

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