Friday, September 4, 2009

traffic : all about registration in searsh engines :

Registration in search engines

Direct submission

This way is in the manual registration of the website to search engines.  for each engine there is a page where you enter your website URL, After this submission, and within a very variable time, the crawler engine pass on your site in order to index the pages.

Some submission pages of search engines:

Google -
Altavista -
Frenchness -
Alltheweb -
Yahoo -
WhatUseek -

Note that now, more of these pages requires entering a captcha code ( graphical code to prevent automatic submission program (you know, the code presented in Police odd shapes and colors need re-enter an area). )It is therefore  that some providers , which offer programs for multiple submissions and automated, are not very reliable !!
Submission "by link (s)"

Personally, this is the method I prefer. This is post a link to the new site from another site already existing and already referenced. This way is much more efficient in my opinion. If you have other Web sites, or if you are able to contact the webmaster of another site for them to make this request: Add a link to your new site. Just one line, even very discreet. For example: "The site is partner new site. It's simple, fast and efficient: when the engine indexing revert the site it has already indexed, it will find and follow this new link. Your site will be indexed automatically.

This way is great, especially since it can be done several times if you have the possibility to add your link to several existing sites.
In the case of, this method took only a few days before the pages initially included in the site is fully indexed (especially Google). For this method to be truly effective and fast,you need to post your link on websites that have high page rank.

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