Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The only 3 ways to generate traffic

 There are hundreds of ways to bring traffic to a website, but looking more closely, we soon realize that each technique has a place in one of three categories that we discuss in this article. Each category has its own importance and plays a key role in generating traffic and, generally, the success of a site.
It is important to understand these three categories and how they fit into a comprehensive eMarketing strategy.

One way to generate traffic is to buy it. What comes to mind is probably the sponsored links, but there are many other ways to buy traffic (banners, newsletter sponsored ...)
Measuring your results is essential whatever your shares online, but it's even more better if you buy traffic.

The second way to generate traffic is to borrow. The principle here is to capitalize on the traffic of certain sites and to induce a party to visit your site (click on your link in an article, profiles, comments in blogs, web forums ...)
In this case, it must produce a consistent and work hard to really take advantage of this method ..

The third way to bring traffic is to "build". You can distribute your RSS feeds, create newsletters to establish a relationship with your users.

Bring a large amount of traffic on a site can be difficult if you've never done that before and there are many techniques that can be used to generate traffic. Some require more time than others, but it is important to use these three categories in your eMarketing strategy to get the maximum traffic possible. It would be unfortunate, even dangerous, to depend on a single 'source' of traffic. To do this, it is useful to have an overview of available resources and not focus only on some specific techniques and forget the others.

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