Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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External Links
  external links are particularly important. These are links to other web pages pointing to your website.

When indexing

External links may facilitate the indexing of website pages to search engines because they increase the possibility of passage of the crawler. Indeed, the robots continuously navigate Web sites already indexed to update their database to reflect changes or developments in the content of these websites. These robots "scan" the sites and follow the links on the pages. Plus you have external links to other Web sites, most likely you'll see your new site indexed quickly.
For referencing

External links increase the popularity of a website. Indeed, the  search engines consider a site listed on many web pages (on other sites) is "popular" .
The types of connections and the impact on SEO

- Web sites: If the address of your website is listed on another website, it is an external link very well regarded by search engines. This link will be even more important if  placed in the body of a text referring to the main topic of the page of your site shown in reference.

- Forums: Links to your website from messages posted on the forums are also highly regarded by search engines. In reality, if your site is referenced, it is popular with forum members.
- Directories: The links on directories are much less considered the types of links above. Indeed, the principle of inclusion of multiple directories is well known spiders. These external links are considered "readily available". . Indeed, some robots are familiar with this method of pseudo-referencing easier. The consequence may be as "blacklistage" Web sites that abuses such links.

- The "FarmLink": The "FarmLink" or "link farm" are Web sites without real content whose main objective is to contain links. Some directories, without interest, even considered FarmLink. Puting links to your web 
pages on such sites does not offer any interest in popularity and may even be harmful.

The external links pointing to your website are very important for popularity. These links should be as credible as possible. Indeed, search engines seem to hunt down "spammers" who bombard Internet links to their sites, sometimes without real interest, only in order to sell advertising space. The consequences can be catastrophic in terms of SEO as it can go to "blacklistage", ie eviction pure and simple foundation for indexing.

You have maximum control links pointing to your pages. So beware of unscrupulous suppliers who will sell you the links (sometimes very many) in guaranteeing a positive effect on the popularity of your website. Because the effect could be opposite to that expected. 
Conclusion: Where to begin referencing?

 if you're just starting your SEO, the easiest and simplest way to get started quickly is to submit links to some directories.
see directories list on : 

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