Wednesday, September 16, 2009

traffic : some tips that can be useful to generate traffic to your blog if you are new :

Here are some tips that can be useful especially if you are new.
How to generate free targeted traffic?
if you read my other posts, you will have some information on how to generate traffic through free content websites.
Now here some other ways :
 . · Generate targeted traffic by offering free content to download.
Whether an ebook, audio, video, offer interesting information and wanted by the people you're targeting to download on your site or blog. Then, simply write an article mentioning this event and publish it on diggs-likes for example.
Join · life groups or forums
Find forums or groups interested in your subject and participating in discussions. For this type "forum" or "group" and the subject you have chosen.
Most forums allow you to leave in your signature a link to your site (you should check the forum rules or group).
In addition, if you come across some interesting discussions that may give you ideas for topics to post on your site.
Verify that the forum is active. For this, look at the number of participants and dates of previous messages.
So those are some tips that can help you create targeted traffic to your site for free.
Of course, there are others but with these tips you will have a good foundation. 

read more about the forum method : 

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