Monday, September 14, 2009

traffic : 3 simple tips to get good quality backlinks

hey everyone,
here are some tips on how to get good quality backlinks:

1)-assuming you can write an article in 20/30 minutes, then write 4 articles per day, post two of them on your blog, and two on article directories ( i recommend hubpages and ehow) because they allow you to publish your article instantly.
include your link at the bottom, make sure it's RELATED to the subject, and write it in anchor text.
2)-comment on "dofollow" blogs, make every comment useful and as unique as possible.
3)-find similiar blogs, read their articles, pick the most intresting post, and link back to it from your blog, you will probably get a link back if they have their tracker switched on.
it would be better if you make a list of 15-25 or 50 best articles ( of your niche) ex : if you're writing about health, make a list of 50 best posts about health, f you only get 5 links back out of 50 it's great.
plus you will not only get  backlinks, but your readers will see your blog as a resource of information.

ps : to find similiar blogs use :


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