Monday, September 7, 2009

traffic : 6 ways to promote your blog

1) Promote your blog to directories and aggregators is the reference search engine blog. That is where I would advise you to start ... Create an account and submit your blog there are many directories and blogs using the platform on which you are, you can automate this "submission" (ping), You can try (never tested).
2) Participate in social networks emerged with Web 2.0

3)The Web 2.0 revolution has occurred only in technology but also in social terms. It has created communities of users sharing the same passions and discovering others (eg MySpace, YouTube ...). Such networks exist for bloggers.

4)MyBlogLog: use my bloglog to see what's happening on your blog and visit others, when you visit others you leave a trace, without necessarily leaving a comment wich will make the blog author visit your blog

5)Blog-It Express: This widget allows you to leave little messages to your readers, encouriging them to participate in surveys and offers . Its latest version is even more better.

6) Do not hesitate to communicate!

Blogging is not just writing posts on your blog it is also reading blogs and participating. When you read an interesting post, leave a comment , So you create links with other bloggers who will see your blog (try to be a very original in your comments - do not put all the time "Yeah this is a great ppost," comments will be constructive)

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