Saturday, September 5, 2009

traffic : How to get traffic on your site with Forum Marketing?

In this part, I want to talk about a necessary practice in promoting your site and your products.
This practice is the Marketing Forum.
What is Forum Marketing?
The Marketing Forum is to use the Forums To indirectly promote your site and your products.
It is to serve your other knowledge intelligently.
If you give, receive and answer questions from people,  and build a relation and trust that you establish with people in your niche, They will of course visit your site!

There are 4 reasons why people search the forums:

     * They seek help to solve their problem:

       to request a review of their site, asking people's opinions about such a product before purchasing, about an affiliate program, etc. ...

     * They have new products
     * They develop contacts with people from their niche

       But above
     * They are promoting their stuff

Here are 2 keys to the success of the Marketing Forum:

     * Giving to receive
     * Having a very attractive signing

Then see how to do to succeed in marketing forum!
1 - Find the right forums
You must ensure that the forums where you will actually collect assets of potential visitors.
Start by searching by keyword (which you add "forum") and see the first results.
Reject the forums that have either:
     * Few active visitors
     * Few discussions lately
2 - Give to receive
the concept within the Marketing Forum is to give to receive.
Specifically, you must contribute positively to the life of the forum by providing answers to user questions.
Your posts must be good.
Let the elements that your posts must contain:

     * Content:
       For your content, you must find the balance in the quality information that you make and to be original
       Choose a format readable and well presented!
           if the spelling is not your forte, use the automatic correction tools!
     * Your name:
       You must determine if you'll register under your own name or under a pseudonym.
      You want them to talk to you? Then use your name and not an obscure nickname that means nothing to you!
     * The title of your post / thread:
       Most forums let you choose the name of your post.
    It is common that many people do not bother to change the name of the topic. Take this opportunity to highlight your contribution by giving a name of its own!
     * Your signature:
     This is an essential and Marketing Forum is the subject of our next section.
           notifications are very helpful to be informed of new responses added to your post or your contributions. they allow you to be reactive on the discussions.
3 - Create an attractive signature
The signature is what appears automatically at the bottom of each of your posts and you can change.
A signature is usually to:

     * Your name
     * A description of your site
     * The URL of your site
     do not give your email address in your signature. They are collected by software and you will be spammed!
The signature is the link to your site.
Therefore a signature that invites readers to click on forums.
Examples of good and bad signatures:

     * Good signature:
       "lilo ronson”
       Improve your ***** in7 lessons!
       www.*******.com "
     * Bad signature:
      "lilo ronson”
       Born in 1958 in Tours,
       8 years of experience coaching professional tennis
       Check out my super-site www.********.com "
A signature must be short, precise, and invite the click. Do not put personal information that interest no one.
It is important to have a signature directly related matters dealt with in forums in which you contribute.
Beware, I strongly discourages you enter your signature before being an expert.
Once you've contributed to dozens of posts, you can include your valuable signature.
4 - A Useful but Incomplete content
When you create a post that provides information, it is important to make a strong post, which is not pure promotion.
However, it is interesting to note that it exists on your site more information and answers to specific topics.
This is about boosting your traffic, do not forget.
This concept of "useful but incomplete" coupled with a catchy signature will allow you to redirect some traffic from a  forum to your website!
     Sometimes there are recurring questions on the forums. You can then create an information page which gives all information about it and then invite users who ask questions about it to visit your site for their answers!
Well, now you know all about the Marketing Forum.
It is now easy to use this tool to your advantage and increase your traffic (high targeted traffic)

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