Monday, August 31, 2009

Website: how to generate free traffic

The Professional Referrals are not absolute secret. Referencing Internet is: time, methods, tips and common sense.

The prosperity of a website depends largely on the quality and especially the size of its traffic. If you have a website or blog, you certainly know the difference between having or not having traffic. But how to increase your chances to get more and more for  free?

It is a question that is in the mind of any blogger or webmaster. For attracting big traffic when it has insufficient financial resources is sometimes hard.

And yet, with a little work and a small dose of perseverance, you can attract free traffic towards your website or blog.

There are various technical "legal" to get more traffic. But here are two more easy to implement. After or before referencing your site.

Google, the leader

Of course, there are other search engines large and prestigious as Yahoo, who have their own particularity.

And yet, in terms of Internet popularity, Google remains by far the number one for all web traffic. In general, the web site traffic comes between 60 and 70% of Google. Or more! Therefore, your main target should be Google.

To rank well on Google, you must organize your main keywords (2 or 3 per web page) and well above the position on your web pages.

On Google, the best technique to advance its ranking is to position your main keyword (2 or 3) in the first 100 words of your web page. And also among the final 25 words of your page.

Google is known to judge the relevance of web pages from the first 100 words of top and also last 25 words of your text.

Now, think! And above all, rewrite your existing pages by repositioning your keywords at the beginning and end of page. This is part of the optimization.

Keywords relevant

Do not use any keywords that come to mind. If you want a good ranking that you send a huge free traffic, you must use relevant keywords.

But, what keywords are relevant?

It is simply a keyword specific to your website. Your keywords are those that must allow users to discover your links in the results pages of search engines.

In addition, you must find and use phrases or words of similar meaning in your main keywords.

By combining keyword search with specific and relevant technology for indexing and referencing of Google, you get a free traffic more and more d. And above all high quality!

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