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traffic : intresting way to bring traffic to your blog

visit :

Add your blogs for free, get more traffic and good position to the top search engines.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

traffic : some tips that can be useful to generate traffic to your blog if you are new :

Here are some tips that can be useful especially if you are new.
How to generate free targeted traffic?
if you read my other posts, you will have some information on how to generate traffic through free content websites.
Now here some other ways :
 . · Generate targeted traffic by offering free content to download.
Whether an ebook, audio, video, offer interesting information and wanted by the people you're targeting to download on your site or blog. Then, simply write an article mentioning this event and publish it on diggs-likes for example.
Join · life groups or forums
Find forums or groups interested in your subject and participating in discussions. For this type "forum" or "group" and the subject you have chosen.
Most forums allow you to leave in your signature a link to your site (you should check the forum rules or group).
In addition, if you come across some interesting discussions that may give you ideas for topics to post on your site.
Verify that the forum is active. For this, look at the number of participants and dates of previous messages.
So those are some tips that can help you create targeted traffic to your site for free.
Of course, there are others but with these tips you will have a good foundation. 

read more about the forum method : 

Monday, September 14, 2009

traffic : 3 simple tips to get good quality backlinks

hey everyone,
here are some tips on how to get good quality backlinks:

1)-assuming you can write an article in 20/30 minutes, then write 4 articles per day, post two of them on your blog, and two on article directories ( i recommend hubpages and ehow) because they allow you to publish your article instantly.
include your link at the bottom, make sure it's RELATED to the subject, and write it in anchor text.
2)-comment on "dofollow" blogs, make every comment useful and as unique as possible.
3)-find similiar blogs, read their articles, pick the most intresting post, and link back to it from your blog, you will probably get a link back if they have their tracker switched on.
it would be better if you make a list of 15-25 or 50 best articles ( of your niche) ex : if you're writing about health, make a list of 50 best posts about health, f you only get 5 links back out of 50 it's great.
plus you will not only get  backlinks, but your readers will see your blog as a resource of information.

ps : to find similiar blogs use :

Friday, September 11, 2009

traffic : bad method of generating traffic

First, I want to correct the method of posting comments on other blogs in order to generate traffic, when you post a comment, make sure it’s valuable, something that the author of the blog and their readers want to read , not just “ wow thanks *link*”, it’s obvious that you’re only interested in promoting your website/blog, trust me, it doesn’t work!
Instead, if you give a more useful comment, then people will want to see your blog, they will see you as an expert in that niche, and the author will be encouraged to visit  your blog as well, you might even get a link back If someone likes your posts!
Today, ive been checking my other blog, it’s about how to make money online without investment, and I saw there were 4 comments from one person, only full of keywords and a link to their blog , that’s just stupid, I didn’t even take a look at their blog, I just deleted the comments, periode.
So, if you want to promote your blog by posting comments, it works, but only if you do it right,
You will not only build your seo, but you will also get targeted and quality traffic from the other blogs.

Monday, September 7, 2009

best 15 articles about blog/website traffic :

 ( few new intresting ways to promote blog)
15- 15 ways to get exposure for your new blog

traffic : 6 ways to promote your blog

1) Promote your blog to directories and aggregators is the reference search engine blog. That is where I would advise you to start ... Create an account and submit your blog there are many directories and blogs using the platform on which you are, you can automate this "submission" (ping), You can try (never tested).
2) Participate in social networks emerged with Web 2.0

3)The Web 2.0 revolution has occurred only in technology but also in social terms. It has created communities of users sharing the same passions and discovering others (eg MySpace, YouTube ...). Such networks exist for bloggers.

4)MyBlogLog: use my bloglog to see what's happening on your blog and visit others, when you visit others you leave a trace, without necessarily leaving a comment wich will make the blog author visit your blog

5)Blog-It Express: This widget allows you to leave little messages to your readers, encouriging them to participate in surveys and offers . Its latest version is even more better.

6) Do not hesitate to communicate!

Blogging is not just writing posts on your blog it is also reading blogs and participating. When you read an interesting post, leave a comment , So you create links with other bloggers who will see your blog (try to be a very original in your comments - do not put all the time "Yeah this is a great ppost," comments will be constructive)

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traffic : link building forum :

hello everyone,

here is another source on link buiding, a forum where you can learn new ways and tips.

traffic : why you shouldn't use traffic exchange :

What is traffic exchange ?
Traffic exchange is simple, “ you see my site, I see yours”, so far that sounds like a great idea right? Wrong!
Traffic exchange websites can cause harm to your website rather than good results.
Now here are 5 reasons why you should not use traffic exchange to promote your blog/website :
1-it’s not targeted traffic, most likely people are not interested in your website/ blog because they’re not looking for it, their only concern is to get credits as fast as they can to put their own links.
2-every 30 seconds, people are doing something else, and skip to the next site when the half minute is done.( that’s if the site is manual system, if it’s automatic, they’re sleeping or watching tv!)
3- if you’re using google adsense on your blog/website, you will get banned because it’s against adsense’ TOS  . ( illegeal impressions)
4- low quality traffic and high   bounce rate
5-97 percent of people who put their links in traffic exchange are  only promoting their ptc (paid to click sites) and  money making companies, and the last 3 percent of people are promoting other  exchange websites to earn more credits from there, and promote their money making website!.

traffic : link building and related blogs

one of the best ways to bring traffic to your blog is link building, ive talked about that in other articles, but to talk about it more, how to get links from other blogs? the first step would be to find blogs that are related to the same niche of your blog, but how to find related blogs?

read about it right here :

it's a really good article.

also there is this really useful site about link building :

it's full of exellent and  helpful tips on how to build links fast, make sure to read it, it also explains the bad ways to build links.
i hope this helps :)

traffic : 66 ways to build links :

hello everyone,

i found a really good article on how to build links to your blog/website

it's full of good and really useful information, i am sure you will want to check it out, it will help you alot :

here is the link :

traffic : 8 new ways to bring traffic to your blog

More ways of  getting traffic to your blog :
1-find blogs that talk about the same niche you’re talking about , contact the authors, intoroduce yourself, and send them a link to your blog,  this might help your blog to be discovered, and possibly linked to it.
2-Be the first to write a post about the ‘Top Ten Blogs’ in your niche. The post will rank highly in any general search for blogs in your niche and other bloggers in your niche write about the post and link to it.
3- use youtube/myspace/facebook/twitter
There are many video directories out there, but the most known one is youtube, use it to get more traffic to your blog.
Chose what you’re going to talk about (something useful and wanted).
Include your link in the video, if people like what you had to say, then they will visit your blog to learn more from you.
Twitter: twitter is more than a community website, it is also for business, so use it.
Same goes for myspace/ facebook etc..
4-write something conteversial, it works.
5-of course I mentioned the article directories befor, use them to get traffic to your blog.
6-leave comments on other bloggers, you can include your link in your comment, you will always get traffic from comments!
7- browse around and you will surely get visitors to your blog. Also try to join as many communities as possible that are related to your topic.
8-Keep track of blogs and leave comments on them. A good way to keep the conversation going is to install a mybloglog widget and visit the blog of people visiting your site.

E-mail strategies to attract more traffic

E-mail strategies to attract more traffic

If you are not currently collecting e-mails to keep in touch with visitors to your site, you are missing incredible opportunities for future sales. Each visitor to your site should be encouraged to provide contact information so you can follow up with emails promoting your products and services. Below you will find tips for getting the best track of your correspondence by e-mail. • Killer subject line write. If you do not get the reader's attention right away when they see your message in their inbox, they will delete your message without a second thought. One of the best ways to attract attention is to tell your reader how your message will solve a big problem for them. • get your reader's attention. It is imperative to tell your readers what you want them to do after reading your message. Would you like to make a purchase? Say: "buy now!" Do you want them to visit your website? Tell them to "click here for more information." If the reader likes what you have to say, he or she will do what you ask. • Be persuasive, not pushy. Being rude, overbearing or overly salesy turn off potential customers. Rather than engaging in a hard sales pitch, be polite and disseminate important information about your product. gain your readers with the more value you provide - not make them run away by pushing them too hard. • Be brief. Nobody will read a veryyyyyyyyyyyy long message. Keep your e-mail concise and stick to your main points. Save any additional information for the website or message for the future.

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traffic : some tips that can be useful to generate traffic to your blog if you are new :

Here are some tips that can be useful especially if you are new.
How to generate free targeted traffic?
if you read my other posts, you will have some information on how to generate traffic through free content websites.
Now here some other ways :
 . · Generate targeted traffic by offering free content to download.
Whether an ebook, audio, video, offer interesting information and wanted by the people you're targeting to download on your site or blog. Then, simply write an article mentioning this event and publish it on diggs-likes for example.
Join · life groups or forums
Find forums or groups interested in your subject and participating in discussions. For this type "forum" or "group" and the subject you have chosen.
Most forums allow you to leave in your signature a link to your site (you should check the forum rules or group).
In addition, if you come across some interesting discussions that may give you ideas for topics to post on your site.
Verify that the forum is active. For this, look at the number of participants and dates of previous messages.
So those are some tips that can help you create targeted traffic to your site for free.
Of course, there are others but with these tips you will have a good foundation. 

read more about the forum method :  click here

traffic : free methods to generate traffic

well, if you do not want to spend a dime ... Everything you need is a good mind and a lot of hard work.

You also need the energy and perseverance to do  a tough job in order to generate more traffic on your site.

As it is nice to get an increase in traffic without spending money It is certain that many sites offer advice and guidance on methods to increase free traffic.

Since it is possible you do not need to spend money to get traffic, but to be honest with you, I would say it may take time.

but seriously, I would say that your chances of success will be better by paying for your advertising. At least you have good chances of success using one of these free methods I will describe below.
  online forums and virtual communities. A great advantage of these online forums and virtual communities is that you can target the demographic groups that interest you. You can talk about many subjects that affect your business. Another great advantage is that you know what you're getting into and you can prepare yourself.

Within these online forums and virtual communities can build the reputation of your company. Show them what you are made of and wrap them with the extent of your mastery of the subject. So you can build a reputation and build the confidence people have in your expertise and knowledge.
  You can also use newsletters (newsletters or e-bulletin).
Provide people with a catalog of your products and interesting articles. If you are really interesting or fun, more people will subscribe to your newsletter and recommend you to their friends. And the more people subscribe to your newsletter, you will get more visitors to your site.
  Another good way is to exchange links with other sites.

It costs you nothing. All you have to do is to enter into an agreement with another webmaster. The link exchange is a win-win process. Visitors to each site can click on the link exchanged and visit another site. This system works particularly well with sites that occupy the same market niche.  But avoid exchanging links with your competers, I don’t recommend that.

Write articles to excite the curiosity of people who are interested in your products. Try writing articles that provide tips and guides ...

Writing articles that share knowledge and provide valuable services to readers you will get the flow of traffic you need.
  Many sites offer free posting of your articles. If readers find your articles interesting, there are great opportunities for them to follow your track, to find whence these interesting articles. Include your link or a brief description of your company within your articles, and most likely readers will visit your site.

the content of your site:

The content of your site should not necessarily be written by a professional writer. You can do it yourself as long as the content is informative and / or entertaining. It must meet certain criteria and achieve high quality.

In general, users use search engines to find what they want. In return the search engines use keywords to prepare their results. With the right keywords, you may appear among the first results presented by search engines, and this without spending a penny.

All these methods, and others, increase free traffic to your site. It does not cost you effort and many hours of work. Learn as much as you can about the methods described above, and your site will soon undergo a major traffic without it costing you as with other methods.

traffic : How to get traffic on your site with Forum Marketing?

In this part, I want to talk about a necessary practice in promoting your site and your products.
This practice is the Marketing Forum.
What is Forum Marketing?
The Marketing Forum is to use the Forums To indirectly promote your site and your products.
It is to serve your other knowledge intelligently.
If you give, receive and answer questions from people,  and build a relation and trust that you establish with people in your niche, They will of course visit your site!

There are 4 reasons why people search the forums:

     * They seek help to solve their problem:

       to request a review of their site, asking people's opinions about such a product before purchasing, about an affiliate program, etc. ...

     * They have new products
     * They develop contacts with people from their niche

       But above
     * They are promoting their stuff

Here are 2 keys to the success of the Marketing Forum:

     * Giving to receive
     * Having a very attractive signing

Then see how to do to succeed in marketing forum!
1 - Find the right forums
You must ensure that the forums where you will actually collect assets of potential visitors.
Start by searching by keyword (which you add "forum") and see the first results.
Reject the forums that have either:
     * Few active visitors
     * Few discussions lately
2 - Give to receive
the concept within the Marketing Forum is to give to receive.
Specifically, you must contribute positively to the life of the forum by providing answers to user questions.
Your posts must be good.
Let the elements that your posts must contain:

     * Content:
       For your content, you must find the balance in the quality information that you make and to be original
       Choose a format readable and well presented!
           if the spelling is not your forte, use the automatic correction tools!
     * Your name:
       You must determine if you'll register under your own name or under a pseudonym.
      You want them to talk to you? Then use your name and not an obscure nickname that means nothing to you!
     * The title of your post / thread:
       Most forums let you choose the name of your post.
    It is common that many people do not bother to change the name of the topic. Take this opportunity to highlight your contribution by giving a name of its own!
     * Your signature:
     This is an essential and Marketing Forum is the subject of our next section.
           notifications are very helpful to be informed of new responses added to your post or your contributions. they allow you to be reactive on the discussions.
3 - Create an attractive signature
The signature is what appears automatically at the bottom of each of your posts and you can change.
A signature is usually to:

     * Your name
     * A description of your site
     * The URL of your site
     do not give your email address in your signature. They are collected by software and you will be spammed!
The signature is the link to your site.
Therefore a signature that invites readers to click on forums.
Examples of good and bad signatures:

     * Good signature:
       "lilo ronson”
       Improve your ***** in7 lessons!
       www.*******.com "
     * Bad signature:
      "lilo ronson”
       Born in 1958 in Tours,
       8 years of experience coaching professional tennis
       Check out my super-site www.********.com "
A signature must be short, precise, and invite the click. Do not put personal information that interest no one.
It is important to have a signature directly related matters dealt with in forums in which you contribute.
Beware, I strongly discourages you enter your signature before being an expert.
Once you've contributed to dozens of posts, you can include your valuable signature.
4 - A Useful but Incomplete content
When you create a post that provides information, it is important to make a strong post, which is not pure promotion.
However, it is interesting to note that it exists on your site more information and answers to specific topics.
This is about boosting your traffic, do not forget.
This concept of "useful but incomplete" coupled with a catchy signature will allow you to redirect some traffic from a  forum to your website!
     Sometimes there are recurring questions on the forums. You can then create an information page which gives all information about it and then invite users who ask questions about it to visit your site for their answers!
Well, now you know all about the Marketing Forum.
It is now easy to use this tool to your advantage and increase your traffic (high targeted traffic)

Friday, September 4, 2009

traffic : use stumble upon to generate free good quality traffic

Stumble Upon is (to make it simple), a site for sharing links where members vote and if the vote is positive, the more the link is shared among members.
Stumble is a great place to quickly generate traffic for free. It is also a place of sharing and discovering (sites but also members).
things you need :
- To be a member of Stumble Upon (SU, for friends)
- To have the extension installed in your browser SU
- Having content that is worth seeing (not just hope to have a positive votes with an inappropriate content ... it should be in English).
1 - Locate members who "stumble" on topics that are close to you.
For example, if you have a site on e-marketing, research articles stumbles from places like MarketingSherpa or Clickz then look at who voted for them.
2 - Visit the profile of those who voted for these articles
3 - Contact them by sending a message or making a comment on their blog or their stumbles (The relevance of profiles contacted over the number of people receiving your message)
4 - Build a relationship, a lasting bond with these members. Post, vote for your friends, and they will do the same for you and your posts (but that should not be a forced exchange and automatic).
5 - Use SU regularly, it enhances your profile.

traffic : How to consult and analyze the traffic?

How to consult and analyze the traffic?
The work of the webmaster for website traffic is an activity wich it's results must be analyzed continuously. When setting up a new method, when working on key words, when adding links, ... It is essential to know the direct impact on attendance. There are several methods to get this analysis, a tool currently very interesting is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics: The implementation of the analysis Analytics is very easy to use. Simply register by creating an Analytics account to the website, then copy the code in each page where traffic is analyzed and it's done for the technical aspect.

All data on site  are then submitted daily (graphically): The number of visits, types of traffic sources, the geographical distribution of visitors, number of visits to each page of the site.  Average page views per visit, bounce rate, average time spent on site visit and the rate of new visits.

Beyond the number of visitors the site attracts daily information calculated by Analytics to determine if the website content is of interest to visitors. Indeed, one important thing to know is: The site does not determine the quality of its content.
When you talk about a particular subject, you often use words (keys) that deal with subjects "annexes" that is potentially interesting to develop. In this case, put a link or the relevant keywords to attract visitors to another page. Similarly, an interesting trick is to finish a page with an evocation of an interesting subject that the visitor can see a different page (must proceed in a way, as in a television series that always ends with action open to tempt the viewer to see the next episode).

Bounce rate : This rate is a calculation actually learned that evokes the "bounce". In terms of visitor's interest for the content of the website, this term is very negative. In practice, a significant bounce rate indicates that visitors immediately arrived on site, "bounce", ie leave the website. The answer is: The content does not interest the visitor.

Average time spent on the site per visit: This information determines the visitor's interest for text content. Even a person reading a text quickly, spend a minute to read a text of 500 words. If the visitors spent little time on a page, it means they did not read the content, or not completely: The text was not interesting(or not completed)

Rate of new visits: Logically, new visits are a contrast to "old hits. That is, the number of visitors who come for the first time the site is compared to the number of repeat visitors. Of course, the number of new visits is interesting to know if the website is well positioned. But the number of repeat visitors determine the intrest of the content.

traffic : all about registration in searsh engines :

Registration in search engines

Direct submission

This way is in the manual registration of the website to search engines.  for each engine there is a page where you enter your website URL, After this submission, and within a very variable time, the crawler engine pass on your site in order to index the pages.

Some submission pages of search engines:

Google -
Altavista -
Frenchness -
Alltheweb -
Yahoo -
WhatUseek -

Note that now, more of these pages requires entering a captcha code ( graphical code to prevent automatic submission program (you know, the code presented in Police odd shapes and colors need re-enter an area). )It is therefore  that some providers , which offer programs for multiple submissions and automated, are not very reliable !!
Submission "by link (s)"

Personally, this is the method I prefer. This is post a link to the new site from another site already existing and already referenced. This way is much more efficient in my opinion. If you have other Web sites, or if you are able to contact the webmaster of another site for them to make this request: Add a link to your new site. Just one line, even very discreet. For example: "The site is partner new site. It's simple, fast and efficient: when the engine indexing revert the site it has already indexed, it will find and follow this new link. Your site will be indexed automatically.

This way is great, especially since it can be done several times if you have the possibility to add your link to several existing sites.
In the case of, this method took only a few days before the pages initially included in the site is fully indexed (especially Google). For this method to be truly effective and fast,you need to post your link on websites that have high page rank.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

traffic : Discussion forums

Discussion forums
What is the point of discussion forums for SEO? How do these forums  can help you promote a website? What  forums should  you choose? What can be done on a forum and what should we especially not do?

Definition: Forums

A forum is a place for discussion between users on a specific topic. It is a space in which a person can ask a question, answer questions from others or just broadcast their opinion about a specific topic .

The forums are not commercial and therefore are not spaces in which you carry advertising for your website. The primary purpose of a forum is to provide information free. At each forum, a charter of participation clearly indicates that you will not be allowed to make direct promotion of your website.

There is one solution, fully accepted and used by most Internet users wishing to make known (or make their website): Signature.

Your signature

When you "post" on a forum, insert in this forum a new message or a reply message, you must register for this forum. When registering, you will be asked to identify yourself with a username, a password, sometimes some personal information and especially: Your signature. This entry will be your profile on the forum. This profile is partly displayed in each message you post on this forum.

Of course, your signature must contain the address of your website. So this is an easy way to display your URL across multiple pages.


There are two interests in the forums. The first is the pure SEO: The address of your website will appear on many pages there are messages that you have posted and many messages that you have answered. Search engines consider this as external links (or backlinks BL) and it will therefore participate in the popularity of your website.

What to do

First: Puttyour web site address in the signature of your profile. In a context of pure SEO, it is useless to post on forums that do not allow to display your signature.

Choose forums related to the topic of your website, if possible: More about the forum will be compared with that in your website, most members of this forum will be attracted to your website. This logic is very simple: If your website deals with gardening, you will be known on all forums about gardening.

Upload consistent messages related topics in the forum: It is unnecessary and negative to be "irrelevant."

Post interesting answers to other forum members (not just type: "Bravo for this message" or "thank you for the info).

Respect always, and completely, the charter of the forum which you participate.

What not to do

Make explicit advertising for your website in the text of your messages. This is oftenly prohibited (see forum charter) and this will cause admin to delete your messages.

Reply on subjects that you are not absolutely familiar with because it is not "constructive" to other forum members.

Being abusive or overly negative (because it is your image and the image of your website).

Make defamation in your posts


If you actively participate in one or several forums dealing with a subject close to your website, you will let people  know (personally) your website (and consequently to attract visitors) and harvest a large number of  external links that will greatly improve the popularity of your site.

traffic: use adwords to generate traffic

Introduction to Adwords

Google Adwords is a system of sponsored links. Above all, you need to know  that Adwords is a pay system. To promote one or more links to your website and display ads among the sponsored links from Google.

These "sponsored links"  appear in search results from Google:

- The right of the screen
- On the top of search result

These links are clearly framed and presented officially as sponsored links.

Links also appear in the display frames of "contextual ads" or "targeted ads" from Google Adsense (On Web sites Adsense publishers).

How it works?

It works in 3 steps:

1 -  When registering, you provide an address mail  with which Google will contact you. You also enter your password: If you want to connect to your AdWords management interface. Finally, you will chose the type of payment you want to use , you can register with  your credit card. In the case of payment by direct debit, a debit authorization (signed) should be sent to the services of Google Adwords. This may take a few days. In the case of payment by credit card, registration is immediate.

2 - This entry has been completed, you proceed to the second step creating an Adwords campaign and one or more ad groups. A campaign is similar to an advertising campaign. This indicates that you go start a promotion on a website or a particular area of the website. An ad group will gather one or more ads you'd like about the topic you want to promote. An announcement will include a main title (25 characters), a first line (35 characters), a second line (35 characters) and a display URL (the one that the user can read the bottom of the ad) and Destination URL click (the page that will appear if the user clicks on the ad).

3 - Now you're registered and your campaign is ready. You must now indicate in what context your ad (or ads) are displayed. This context is characterized by the keywords you associate with your campaign, or more precisely to your ad group. You must therefore establish a list of "keywords", simple or compound, on which promotion must focus. To prepare this list of keywords you can use the same principles when working on the content of your website.

For each keyword you specify, you must set an "auction" Adwords works by bidding the price of keywords. This auction is called the "Cost Per Click" or CPC. For CPC, it means: The price you are willing to pay to Google in exchange for a visitor click on your ad (the ad being displayed because the Internet was searched using the word key).

For example: If you want to communicate about a gardening website, you are sure that thousands of sites communicate using Adwords on this same subject. Given that Google will not display thousands or even hundreds of sponsored links in search results, you will be better positioned than others. This positioning is done implicitly by the level of auction. Plus you're ready to put a high price for a click, the more your ad position will be improved.

Bid too low?

If a keyword, your bid is considered by Google as "too low", the keyword will be disabled by Google. It will no longer be linked to your ad and then people who use that keyword in their research will not see your listing appear in the sponsored links.

For each keyword, so you should adjust your bid to the market. If your bid is too low, Google will offer a minimum price. This is the minimum bid indicates that this keyword is used to display your ad. Conversely, there is no "upper limit" for auction. Your only limitation will be the cost of each click, so your "Return On Investment" (ROI for "Return On Investment").


An Adwords campaign must be controlled because it has a cost. Therefore the principle of promotion is intended primarily for commercial websites. In this context, the "cost per click" should be compared to the net margin on the sale of an article.
Similarly, the "daily budget" is a good way to control spending Adwords. If you position your daily budget up to 10 euros, whatever your bids on keywords, when this maximum is reached, your ad will no longer appear among the sponsored links. The announcement is yet again seen the next day.

Some Internet users who search on Google reluctant to click on sponsored links (some even totally refuse such links). According to the well-known adage: A surfer seeks primarily on the Internet, information or articles "free". However, by its very functioning, Google Adwords is a business principle. The visitor thinks so: "If I click on a sponsored link, they will try to sell me something."
Adwords is complementary

An AdWords campaign can accelerate the release of a web site or promote a particular item sold on a website.

But in any case this campaign can be seen as a unique tool for referencing.

traffic : popularity of a website

What is the popularity of a website? How popularity is  calculated? What is popular and what are the consequences of a high popularity?


In terms of referencing Internet, the popularity of a website is based on the number of external links pointing to your website. The more links, the higher the popularity is . We must however consider that all external links do not have the same impact on this popularity, some are even harmful (read my article external links)

Popularity is used by search engines to determine the order of Web pages in search results. When searching, if multiple sites equally match the specified criteria, sites with high popularity will be displayed at the top of the results.

Attendance at a website (trafficking) is strongly linked to its popularity. The popularity increases traffic because the referencing and positioning of the website supports. A high attendance increases, however, not popularity. In this area, the main criterion is the number of external links.

The pagerank is specific to the Google search engine. It is often easy to confuse the popularity and pagerank. However you should know that the PageRank or PR is a Google term (and only Google). Some say the term "pagerank" comes from the name of Larry Page is one of the founders of the Google search engine.


The pagerank is useful for positioning a website in search results on the Google engine. The rest is mostly a way for a webmaster to flatter his ego. A website with high PR is indeed gratifying for the referrer.

We start talking about high PR from 5. It seems somewhat easy to obtain 1, and only the length of a website allows a PR of 1. For 2 or 3, it must still make a small reference work. Beyond pagerank 4 is a quite respectable. This note is even a central value, because there is a chasm between 4 and 5 (and for values above 5). A PR 5 is a pride for a referrer, this proves the result of a result. Values supperiors to 5 constitute the Grail Referrals.

traffic : external links

External Links
  external links are particularly important. These are links to other web pages pointing to your website.

When indexing

External links may facilitate the indexing of website pages to search engines because they increase the possibility of passage of the crawler. Indeed, the robots continuously navigate Web sites already indexed to update their database to reflect changes or developments in the content of these websites. These robots "scan" the sites and follow the links on the pages. Plus you have external links to other Web sites, most likely you'll see your new site indexed quickly.
For referencing

External links increase the popularity of a website. Indeed, the  search engines consider a site listed on many web pages (on other sites) is "popular" .
The types of connections and the impact on SEO

- Web sites: If the address of your website is listed on another website, it is an external link very well regarded by search engines. This link will be even more important if  placed in the body of a text referring to the main topic of the page of your site shown in reference.

- Forums: Links to your website from messages posted on the forums are also highly regarded by search engines. In reality, if your site is referenced, it is popular with forum members.
- Directories: The links on directories are much less considered the types of links above. Indeed, the principle of inclusion of multiple directories is well known spiders. These external links are considered "readily available". . Indeed, some robots are familiar with this method of pseudo-referencing easier. The consequence may be as "blacklistage" Web sites that abuses such links.

- The "FarmLink": The "FarmLink" or "link farm" are Web sites without real content whose main objective is to contain links. Some directories, without interest, even considered FarmLink. Puting links to your web 
pages on such sites does not offer any interest in popularity and may even be harmful.

The external links pointing to your website are very important for popularity. These links should be as credible as possible. Indeed, search engines seem to hunt down "spammers" who bombard Internet links to their sites, sometimes without real interest, only in order to sell advertising space. The consequences can be catastrophic in terms of SEO as it can go to "blacklistage", ie eviction pure and simple foundation for indexing.

You have maximum control links pointing to your pages. So beware of unscrupulous suppliers who will sell you the links (sometimes very many) in guaranteeing a positive effect on the popularity of your website. Because the effect could be opposite to that expected. 
Conclusion: Where to begin referencing?

 if you're just starting your SEO, the easiest and simplest way to get started quickly is to submit links to some directories.
see directories list on :

The only 3 ways to generate traffic

 There are hundreds of ways to bring traffic to a website, but looking more closely, we soon realize that each technique has a place in one of three categories that we discuss in this article. Each category has its own importance and plays a key role in generating traffic and, generally, the success of a site.
It is important to understand these three categories and how they fit into a comprehensive eMarketing strategy.

One way to generate traffic is to buy it. What comes to mind is probably the sponsored links, but there are many other ways to buy traffic (banners, newsletter sponsored ...)
Measuring your results is essential whatever your shares online, but it's even more better if you buy traffic.

The second way to generate traffic is to borrow. The principle here is to capitalize on the traffic of certain sites and to induce a party to visit your site (click on your link in an article, profiles, comments in blogs, web forums ...)
In this case, it must produce a consistent and work hard to really take advantage of this method ..

The third way to bring traffic is to "build". You can distribute your RSS feeds, create newsletters to establish a relationship with your users.

Bring a large amount of traffic on a site can be difficult if you've never done that before and there are many techniques that can be used to generate traffic. Some require more time than others, but it is important to use these three categories in your eMarketing strategy to get the maximum traffic possible. It would be unfortunate, even dangerous, to depend on a single 'source' of traffic. To do this, it is useful to have an overview of available resources and not focus only on some specific techniques and forget the others.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Website: how to generate free traffic

The Professional Referrals are not absolute secret. Referencing Internet is: time, methods, tips and common sense.

The prosperity of a website depends largely on the quality and especially the size of its traffic. If you have a website or blog, you certainly know the difference between having or not having traffic. But how to increase your chances to get more and more for  free?

It is a question that is in the mind of any blogger or webmaster. For attracting big traffic when it has insufficient financial resources is sometimes hard.

And yet, with a little work and a small dose of perseverance, you can attract free traffic towards your website or blog.

There are various technical "legal" to get more traffic. But here are two more easy to implement. After or before referencing your site.

Google, the leader

Of course, there are other search engines large and prestigious as Yahoo, who have their own particularity.

And yet, in terms of Internet popularity, Google remains by far the number one for all web traffic. In general, the web site traffic comes between 60 and 70% of Google. Or more! Therefore, your main target should be Google.

To rank well on Google, you must organize your main keywords (2 or 3 per web page) and well above the position on your web pages.

On Google, the best technique to advance its ranking is to position your main keyword (2 or 3) in the first 100 words of your web page. And also among the final 25 words of your page.

Google is known to judge the relevance of web pages from the first 100 words of top and also last 25 words of your text.

Now, think! And above all, rewrite your existing pages by repositioning your keywords at the beginning and end of page. This is part of the optimization.

Keywords relevant

Do not use any keywords that come to mind. If you want a good ranking that you send a huge free traffic, you must use relevant keywords.

But, what keywords are relevant?

It is simply a keyword specific to your website. Your keywords are those that must allow users to discover your links in the results pages of search engines.

In addition, you must find and use phrases or words of similar meaning in your main keywords.

By combining keyword search with specific and relevant technology for indexing and referencing of Google, you get a free traffic more and more d. And above all high quality!

to read more about how to get traffic for free, visit :

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