Friday, September 11, 2009

traffic : bad method of generating traffic

First, I want to correct the method of posting comments on other blogs in order to generate traffic, when you post a comment, make sure it’s valuable, something that the author of the blog and their readers want to read , not just “ wow thanks *link*”, it’s obvious that you’re only interested in promoting your website/blog, trust me, it doesn’t work!
Instead, if you give a more useful comment, then people will want to see your blog, they will see you as an expert in that niche, and the author will be encouraged to visit  your blog as well, you might even get a link back If someone likes your posts!
Today, ive been checking my other blog, it’s about how to make money online without investment, and I saw there were 4 comments from one person, only full of keywords and a link to their blog , that’s just stupid, I didn’t even take a look at their blog, I just deleted the comments, periode.
So, if you want to promote your blog by posting comments, it works, but only if you do it right,
You will not only build your seo, but you will also get targeted and quality traffic from the other blogs.

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