Tuesday, September 1, 2009

traffic : popularity of a website

What is the popularity of a website? How popularity is  calculated? What is popular and what are the consequences of a high popularity?


In terms of referencing Internet, the popularity of a website is based on the number of external links pointing to your website. The more links, the higher the popularity is . We must however consider that all external links do not have the same impact on this popularity, some are even harmful (read my article external links)

Popularity is used by search engines to determine the order of Web pages in search results. When searching, if multiple sites equally match the specified criteria, sites with high popularity will be displayed at the top of the results.

Attendance at a website (trafficking) is strongly linked to its popularity. The popularity increases traffic because the referencing and positioning of the website supports. A high attendance increases, however, not popularity. In this area, the main criterion is the number of external links.

The pagerank is specific to the Google search engine. It is often easy to confuse the popularity and pagerank. However you should know that the PageRank or PR is a Google term (and only Google). Some say the term "pagerank" comes from the name of Larry Page is one of the founders of the Google search engine.


The pagerank is useful for positioning a website in search results on the Google engine. The rest is mostly a way for a webmaster to flatter his ego. A website with high PR is indeed gratifying for the referrer.

We start talking about high PR from 5. It seems somewhat easy to obtain 1, and only the length of a website allows a PR of 1. For 2 or 3, it must still make a small reference work. Beyond pagerank 4 is a quite respectable. This note is even a central value, because there is a chasm between 4 and 5 (and for values above 5). A PR 5 is a pride for a referrer, this proves the result of a result. Values supperiors to 5 constitute the Grail Referrals.

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